I’m Rachel, a university graduate out of Laurentian University Sports Admin in Canada and former Sudbury Wolves video coach. I have dedicated the better part of my life to hockey. I’ve spent a lot of time in rinks, whether I played, watched, or coached. A full breakdown of this can be found here, in a piece I wrote on the Blogger’s Tribune about how I fell in love with hockey and where I hope it takes me. I do not believe hockey is all eye test or all analytics, I believe it is both. The more tools you have, the better.

Everything that is on here comes from the heart. It is backed by extensive research. This includes statistics, eye test and talking to colleagues around the game. I’m always open to innovative perspectives and new ideas. I have had the opportunity to learn under one of the best coaches in junior hockey, who has made understanding the game from a coaching perspective, easy for me. System evaluations and ideas are my primary focus. I have also spent a large amount of time on player evaluations, including analytics. That’s what the focus of this blog is. Evaluations via eye test & numbers.

Most of the stuff on here is hockey. Odd times I write about social issues (maybe once or twice). But if you really want to know about what kind of person I am and everything I stand for, read this. I wrote it in early 2016 on BellLetsTalk Day and it will give a snapshot into my world.

Every day is a new day full of opportunity. Enjoy.

You can follow the twitter attached to this @the1stpass or my personal twitter which is @racheldoerrie


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